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Meet gay and bi men interested in BDSM, rough sex, and horny hookups. overlay Or, if you prefer to do the bowing, find yourself a dominant daddy to worship.

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East Palace, West Palace Power play is a major theme of this intense drama, in which a gay man is apprehended while cruising in a park and spends the night in a police station under the stern eye of the arresting officer. As the detainee tells the disapproving cop about his tumultuous life, it becomes clear he is subtly trying to seduce the masculine policeman. When the officer releases the gay man from custody, he refuses to leave, and things takes turn for the twisted.

Jean Genet would have loved it. This is one of the coolest gay films ever made, a vivid and exhilarating depiction of two men from Hong Kong — Lai Tony Leung and Ho Leslie Cheung — in an intense on-again-off-again relationship, who travel to Argentina to visit Iguazu Falls, but end up repeating the cycle of infidelity and cruelty.

After yet another break-up, Lai meets the handsome and possibly gay Chang, whose friendship jolts Lai into facing up to his responsibilities, and offers a chance of happiness and redemption.


Happy Together , which won him the best director award at Cannes, is one of his best, with a terrific central performance from Leung as a young, insecure man yearning for romance. As so often with Wong Kar-wai, the last shot, accompanied by a brassy cover of the title song, is unforgettable. Gohatto In 19th-century Japan, a young and beautiful swordsman Ryuhei Matsuda joins a group of samurai. Although homosexuality is forbidden, he immediately arouses the attention of his fellow warriors, including the stern vice-commander Takeshi Kitano.

Sexual jealousy inevitably rears its head, and violence ensues. Unorthodox erotic obsession permeates the best-known works of Nagisa Oshima , notably the ultra-controversial Ai no corrida , with its graphic scenes of unsimulated sex, and the homoerotic atmosphere of the prison camp in Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence The last scene, set by a lake, is incredibly beautiful. Tokyo Godfathers Either way, Hana is a fantastic character, who dreams of bringing up a baby and shows the most kindness of the threesome.

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The bond between the three is seemingly unbreakable, and together they form the tightest of units, reinventing the concept of family. A queer fairytale.

Director Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Tropical Malady Homosexual themes suffuse much of his work Weerasethakul is gay himself , manifesting as out and out camp in the outrageous The Adventure of Iron Pussy But best of all is Tropical Malady , one of the most mesmerising and surreal gay love stories ever told. A soldier and a country boy fall for each other and pay regular visits to the Thai jungle. So far, so unremarkable.

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Then one of the men is spirited away and the narrative whirls into a different world. The soldier appears to be on the trail of an apparently shape-shifting entity which may or may not be his departed lover. The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros Young Maximo, whose family make their living through petty thievery, lives in a poor area of Manila.

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Nathan Lopez gives a wonderfully guileless performance as Maximo, who grows from the dizzy kid dressing up as Miss World at the start of the film to the mature adolescent who walks off to a brave new future at the end, in a knowing nod to The Third Man In his first feature made in Malaysia his previous work was filmed in Taiwan , Ming-liang regular Lee Kang-sheng stars in two roles — as a comatose man cared for by a woman, and as a migrant worker in Kuala Lumpur who is beaten up and cared for by a gay Bangladeshi man.

The latter falls for his patient, despite their different languages. Soundless Wind Chime In this globe-trotting semi-autobiographical debut feature from Kit Hung, Ricky, a delivery boy working in Hong Kong, falls in love with petty thief Pascal Bernhard Bulling , who pinches his wallet. The two start a passionate relationship, but tragedy strikes.

They, too, begin a relationship. The non-linear narrative can be tricky to follow, and the film demands more than one viewing to tease out its mysteries. Speechless , another strange romance filmed in China, shares similar themes and is available on BFI Player. Great love scenes in LGBT cinema. Watch the video now.

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10 great gay films from east and south-east Asia

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All rights reserved. Registered charity Within half an hour, he felt disoriented and had to sit down. Just as Jesse began to pass out, his friends, a group of gay men he parties with all the time, recognized that he was "falling out," or overdosing on the drug they call "G. Three hours later, Jesse reappeared at the party, sober and awake, like nothing had ever happened. Some were shocked to see him again, so soon after what had appeared to be a dramatic overdose, but his friends were unperturbed.

They laughed, and everyone went on dancing. A quick recovery time is one of the primary appeals of G, which has long been present in some raver circles and gay clubs but has become increasingly popular in the last few years. While substances like Molly, alcohol, and cocaine typically lead to a day of physical and emotional recovery, with users experiencing exhaustion, pain, or chemically induced depression, G does not. And as long as you follow the rules — take small doses at deliberate intervals, no mixing with alcohol — you're guaranteed all the perks of coke or MDMA with no hangover.

But have just a few sips too many, or give in to the temptation to take a shot, and you could wind up limp, like a rag doll, with little control over your own body.

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The overdose effects are why most people know G not as an exhilarating high but as a disturbing low — specifically, as the date rape drug GHB. That's right. A substance most often portrayed in movies and TV shows like Veronica Mars as a tool for rapists is not only being taken recreationally, but those who use GHB consider it a perfect high, and a safer, more responsible alternative to alcohol.

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You know, as long as they only use it around people they trust. GHB, or gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid, was first synthesized in France in as an anesthetic but soon proved to have a surprisingly varied set of uses. While late-night revelers appreciate the lowered social inhibitions and heightened sex drive, bodybuilders take GHB for its supposed release of human growth hormone, and narcoleptics use an FDA-approved version to get to sleep. Club kids began dabbling in GHB recreationally in the late s, leading the government to list it alongside heroin and LSD as a Schedule I substance in , but its popularity had dropped significantly by the end of the 20th century.

Now doctors and partiers, particularly in San Francisco, say they're seeing a resurgence of the odorless, transparent liquid, primarily among gay professionals. I've definitely seen it much more as a recreational drug of abuse [than as a date rape drug] in recent times," said Dr. Craig Smollin, who is the associate medical director of the San Francisco Division of California Poison Control and has been an emergency physician at San Francisco General Hospital for the past 10 years. In a city fixated on developing ways to live and work more productively, it's no surprise a drug promising temporary euphoria and no hangover has found a significant following.

But just as many of Silicon Valley's supposedly time-saving technologies have enabled unprecedented levels of procrastination, the efficiency of GHB's high and comedown process depends entirely on how you use it. Despite the pervasive sense among partiers that G is safer than alcohol, Smollin said a breathing tube and placement in the intensive care unit is more likely to be necessary for a GHB overdose than for an alcohol overdose. Combining GHB with alcohol can be lethal, and frequent GHB use on its own can lead to addiction, seizures, hallucinations, and serious respiratory and central nervous system problems.

Another part of the appeal is that GHB can be made at home, because the necessary precursor chemicals are available online as cleaning solutions, adhesives, and paint strippers. Most of the time, those making the drug will mix liquid GHB into a sweet nonalcoholic drink to mask the sour, salty taste one user compared to Windex, and take sips every half an hour or every two hours, depending on the concentration.