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Meet gay and bi men interested in BDSM, rough sex, and horny hookups. overlay Or, if you prefer to do the bowing, find yourself a dominant daddy to worship.

There is no limit to which part of the world it can be used from.


Recon is specifically a dating app for gay men who have a fetish for BDSM, rubber, kink, bondage, leather, role-playing, and the such. You can also find men who are into pissing, punks, and bikers. There are all sorts of men on this site, from the skinny innocent looking ones to the big, muscular men who practically worships the gym and dedicates their life to bulking up and looking like a tough bad boy.

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There is a variety of horny guys looking to have the best sex of their life with other men who want exactly the same thing. The login page has got a huge picture of gay men in outfits like a police uniform, leather pants and a leather jacket, and even metal underwear.

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Every time you visit the site or refresh the site, the photo on the main page changes, giving it diversity and a creative touch to the lust and power vibe. Part of the registration includes signing up with a real email address, a proper location, and a real photo that clearly shows your face. If you use a fake photo or a photo of a celebrity, Recon will immediately delete it and ask you to upload a real photo.

This lowers the chances of people scamming you or cat-phishing you.


It may take some time to complete the registration as they bombard you with a bunch of questions that might make you wonder why the hell Recon needs to know all these random and weird details. What you look for in someone, what attracts you and turns you on, and how active or passive you are. There are thousands of men registered from around the world, including your in your current location.

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  • The men are sexy and are all into the same thing as you. In fact, right at this moment, there are more than 65, men who are online just waiting for you to join and dive into the world of pure lust.

    Not only do you get to meet like-minded men and fuck their brains out, but you also get information about gay fetish related events. Lucy Lewis email4pr. Contact Us. News in Focus Browse News Releases. Multimedia Gallery.

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