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Tao of Badass will get you totally thrilled going to the clubs and begin putting your abilities to rehearse! Gay people are not accepted in Egypt as it is illegal to be gay by Islamic law. There are no Gay places in Sharm just normal bars. Staff will be nice to you but can he not just go and enjoy Egypt without getting or looking for other men?

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If not then maybe another destination might be a better choice. Hasafer is right. My boyfriend works in sharm and he has meet some gay people and he is nice to them but not everyone is maybe isn't the wisest choice to go. I would take head in what people from Egypt say here!!

I'm with the others. Take him along because there are many sights to see and you willprobably have a great time.

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Why not enjoy the experience? But to think it's safe to look for gay or gay friendly bars is nuts. He needs to remain discreet or he'll probably get his nads chopped off. Have fun, but be smart and stay SAFE! By the way, there is no Islamic melitians in Egypt. I bet these other answers have really worried you.

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There are obviously gays there as anywhere in the world but they do it behind closed doors. I don't want to offend people You will probably be fine but please remember there are a lot of Muslim fundamentalist groups in Egypt with some serious power. Some of these groups have very well different views on homosexuality to you or I. I am not saying don't go but maybe try to be a bit discrete. Pagination 1. Existing questions.

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Should I tell my friend that his pic is above a urinal in a gay friendly bar? More questions. Best gays bars in sharm el shakha? Do you frequent gay bars? Answer Questions What caused the conflict between Ethiopia and Egypt? How can i bring my iPad into the afterlife with an excuse?

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Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Not gay, but am a sexual minority. Seriously, OP, run.


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Or prepare for lifelong blue balls. Just tell your family you've gone to seek a better life in Frankfurt or something, they'll understand. That's true.

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I'm so mad that Egypt is still backwards this way. Egypt is a conservative society that increasingly condemns homosexuality.

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Although homosexuality is technically not a crime in Egypt, homosexual acts in public are, and gay men have been prosecuted using debauchery and public morals laws with prison terms of up to 17 years. In late the Egyptian government launched a large crack-down on the LGBT community, arresting 57 people in a series of raids.